Each animal has a tail on the back of its body. Humans actually also have tails, but will disappear when the 31st to 35th day when in the womb and merge into the tailbone.

This tail has a variety of different functions for each animal. And changes in motion in the tail also show the emotions experienced by these animals. What are the functions? Check this out!

1.As a tool for communication

For most animals, the tail is used as a tool for communication. Dogs, for example, will shake their tails with enthusiasm when they feel happy. Or the cat’s raised and upright tail indicates that it is alert.

There are two ways to see the meaning of an animal’s tail, it can be from its position as well as its moving speed, said the VCA Hospital page. From its position, if the tail stands tall it is considered as a form of readiness, agitation and alertness. Or if the tail is in a normal position, it suddenly becomes vertical, indicating a form of aggressiveness.

Likewise from the movement. A happy dog will shake its tail quickly, but if he is feeling uncomfortable, he will move his tail slowly and hesitantly.

2.As a tool for balance

The function of the two tails for animals is as a tool for balance. For cats, the tail helps to be a balance when walking in tight spaces such as tree fences or branches, said the Global Pets page. In addition, the tail is also used by cats to help balance when chasing or jumping when hunting prey.

So what happens to short-tailed cats? Will they lose balance?

In fact, cats still learn to balance even though they are born without tails. Cats have a very sensitive vestibular device in their ears for their balance, explained The Nest page.

3.To hold or hold objects

For primates, especially monkeys, the tail is used to hold and hold objects. Because the tail is flexible but strong, the tail is often used to hang on tree branches, bright page Healthy Pets. Not only for swinging, this tail is also used to hold food.

This type of tail is called a prehensile tail. This tail functions as an additional arm in monkeys to help them hang and hold food. However, not all primates have tails, such as chimpanzees or gorillas.

4.To attract the attention of the opposite sex

Different mammals, different from birds. Most birds use their tails to attract a couple’s attention. For example, the male peacock tail developed, has a unique and colorful motif, used to attract the attention of female peacocks. For the female peacock, the color, shape and size of the tail are very important as their assessment of male choice, says the NU Sci page.

The same thing happened to swallow birds. The female swallow considers the male who has a long tail more attractive and is the main reason for them to choose a partner, explained the page of United Press International. Meanwhile, male swallow with a short tail gets 4 times longer than a male with a long tail.

5.Used for self defense

Lizards and lizards are known to be able to break their tails if they are threatened. This they use as a way to defend themselves. The ability to release and regrow tails is used as a self-defense mechanism to escape predators, explained the Oxford University Press page.

This ability is referred to as an autotomy, where the animal decides or releases its body parts as a way to defend itself. However, autotomy for lizards has consequences for their lives. Lizards without tails cannot run fast and are considered less attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. As a result, they will be difficult to get a partner and more vulnerable to being preyed on.

6.Helps in movement and as a direction

Other than fish, they generally use tails to move in water. Fish swim using tail fins which encourage them to move. This process is called locomotion. Each fin has different functions, some of which are to move forward, rotate, maintain an upright position or stop.

Because it is used to push the body, the fish’s tail determines they move forward and increase or decrease the speed of swimming. Therefore, the role of the tail fin is very important for the movement of fish and is their main driver in the water, explained Max Jackson of the University of Auckland’s Department of Marine Biology.

7.To repel insects that perch on their bodies

For animals that have a long tail with hair at the ends, usually wear a tail to repel insects that perch on his body. For example, in horses, cows, buffaloes and zebras. The flies of the flies make them itchy, the quickest way to get rid of it is to shake the tail.

Well, that’s the 7 functions of the tail in animals that you need to know. Have you answered your curiosity?

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