4 Helpful Tips to Choose Bedroom Design for Girl

Making bedroom design for girl is not easy at all. There are tons of things to consider. If you are in confusion right now as you have to make that design soon, below are some tips for you.

Let Her Decide The Theme

Let Her Decide The Theme
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When choosing suitable design for your little girl’s bedroom, ask her opinion to make the decision. Remember that it is her room and she’s the one staying in it. Usually, a little girl will choose bedroom theme based on:

  • Her favorite characters (Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, etc.)
  • Her favorite color schemes (pink, yellow, purple, and so on)
  • Her favorite things (rainbows, ribbons, balloons)

Even though she’s the one deciding the theme, as parent, you have the right to expand the core idea into the bedroom’s overall design. Guide your girl to choose the theme that’s subtle, easy to apply, and not too overwhelmed.

It Doesn’T Have To Be Pink

It Doesn’T Have To Be Pink
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Bedroom design for girl is usually dominated with pink. However, pink is sometimes too boring and predictable to fill girl’s bedroom. That is why girly color does not have to be the color schemes.

There are plenty other tones to create beautiful decor. Fun colors like sunny yellow, lime green, magenta, and fuchsia are great as well.

You can even use more than one color for the room, such as pink and sky blue, yellow and orange, and many others to lit up the room. If your girl love rainbow, just use the colors as the schemes.

Use Cheerful Wallpaper

Use Cheerful Wallpaper
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The largest part of bedroom that needs to be designed is wall. Leaving the wall completely blank and boring is not going to make a great design. This is the reason why the wall should be the number one priority.

As alternative, for an easier option, use wallpaper instead of old-fashioned paint. Wallpaper has wide arrays of colors, designs, and patterns. You can match it with the overall room design.

Moreover, to make the room look dazzling, use cheerful wallpaper with multiple colors and patterns. Do not choose wallpaper with too many shapes as it will make the room look smaller. It is one of the basic small bedroom ideas you need to know.

Let The Stuffed Animals Out

Let The Stuffed Animals Out
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If you are looking for free and easy design, just use her stuffed animal collections. Little girl loves collecting stuffed animals. Well, her bountiful collections can be a great decoration.

All you need to do is preparing some shelves and ask your girl to arrange her stuffed animals. The arrays of colors will brighten up the room, making it looks cheerful and pretty.

Since stuffed animals are displayed on the shelves, they can easily get dirty by dust. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly, just to keep them looking good and safe.

Those are some tips to consider when planning a bedroom design for girl. They are all quite helpful and surely guide you to get the best design for your loved one’s bedroom.

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