Many of us would love to have beautiful fixture hanging ceiling.

Unfortunately, for owners of home with minimalist interior chandeliers don’t look good because of its bulky style.

Luckily, there’s minimalist pendant light that is not only simpler than chandelier but also cheaper.

We can now use pendant light as focal point in our living room or just a decoration between the other decorative things.

It is true that pendant lights available in various options of size and shape.

But the entire pendant light models serve one similar purpose, as excellent source of light and as decoration as once.

Ready to get one that suits your interior the most?

First, follow the clues that guide you to the right pendant light below.

What to Do To Find the Right Minimalist Pendant Light

1. Think out of the box

pendant light bedroom

Pendant light hunting is a fun and thrilling thing to do.

When looking for your next pendant light, make sure you think beyond the aesthetics.

You sure have to decipher the lighting’s look, but you also have to pick a pendant light that is able to express your desire correctly.

The point is, find pendant light that makes people think of you when they see it.

2. Understanding the minimalist pendant light’s lighting

pendant light bar

There are at least three famous light layers used in many lamps.

First is general lighting or ambient lighting that is perfect for all rooms since it provides overall visibility in comfortable level.

Second one is task lighting that provides direct light to help you performing particular task.

Accent lighting is the third but not used in pendant lighting.

Pick one between first two.  

3. Cluster pendant lights

pendant light design

Exploring something new for our house is quite difficult yet very fun to do.

Cluster pendant lights are also known as multi light pendant.

This one usually has two lights to twelve.

The lights are all connected to the central fixture.

If you love traditional chandelier but it doesn’t look good in your living room, cluster pendant lights are the best alternative that match your living room and its modern coffee ‘meja’ under the ceiling.

4. Inverted pendant light

Also known as the up light pendants, this one will project the light upwards to your living room ceiling.

This pendant light is a perfect ambient lighting and general illumination.

Inverted pendant light has similar function to semi flush mount lamp but inverted pendant light hangs down and not mounted onto ceiling.

This one is perfect for entrance hallway and dining room.

5. Down light pendant

Also known as bell shaped pendant light, this light provides direct light downwards.

If you’re looking for task illumination, this one is your answer.

Down light pendant provides direct light that is intense and perfect for cooking and reading and other fine detailed works.

Down light pendant is especially designed for the ceiling above kitchen islands.

There are some more types of pendant light you want to know.

And you’ll get the answers simply by visiting

This site is going to show you many ideas about the right lighting for each room in your house and hundreds more ideas you need to perfect your house.

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