Having one car needs garage. Having two cars also need garage. How many cars do you have then? Please, consider the need of the garage.

You also have to consider the best garage ideas design to your house. If you don’t have a house that can cover your problem about cars, you have to choose the minimalist garage.

Actually, garage isn’t only for car but also for bikes and others stuffs. You can keep all the ‘ingredients’ in fixing something in your garage.

Smart Dream Garage

This garage is smart because there is nice arrangement of many cars in one room. The wide and high white ceiling is the best choice in making the garage wider. The owner is included to the perfectionist person in the matter of room presentation.

The white floor produces clearer of the light surrounding the cars. The ladder in the middle-behind of the garage may use for the other stuffs. Thus the stuffs, maybe stuffs for fixing the cars, aren’t scattered everywhere.

Funky Car Port

If your house is one of the typically city house, the best garage ideas design is such the above pictures, funky car port. You don’t need to add any doors or even glasses to form a garage.

Just build the structured bridge as the wall from wooden. The brown color shows the match of the floor and house exterior. The owner won’t get any difficulties in parking his or her car there.

Bespoke Oak Cart Lodges

Detached garage is also can be the best garage ideas design for you. Wider space and freer circulation will make the garage more comfortable.

You are freely got in or get out of your car instead of worrying anymore about “the accident” of hitting other things while you are parking your car. You can design it by no door or even with door from tied-wooden. 

Hudson Design’s Rustic Studio Barn

Attaching the garage with your house is also a fabulous idea for your garage design. You can put it in the first floor under your rooms or family rooms and put the step ladder for accessing the garage. It only uses the two-opened doors in order to make it easier in opening the garage.

Garage With Step Ladder and Storage Cabinet

Do you have other things to keep besides a car? If your answer is yes, then you have to use your garage for storing them. You just need hanging part in the wall or roof.

As the above picture, the owner may use a ladder jual tangga lipat when they want to put or even arrange their additional stuffs in their garage. Don’t worry with this kind of garage,  your car can also park there without any scars of it. You can add some step ladders in your garage that will be very useful.

Beach House Plan Piling With Garage

Another unique idea about garage is piling garage from the house. Looking the effective appearance of the garage will make your house looks usable. The outdoor garage can load 2 until 4 cars under your main house.

Your cars won’t be getting wet or even getting heated. The step ladder is used to as the way for the owner in keeping the things related to cars or bikes. As we have already know that garage doesn’t only for keeping the cars but also many things that still useful to take the benefit.

Country Carriage House

Futuristic design for garage offers the amazing space needed for each car. There are many doors outside but there is no boundary between the cars. Making simple in parking your car is the main point of this garage ideas design.

Pivot Pad

 Detached and simpler-looked design of garage that you can build in front of your house can be your dream come true garage. You can directly see your car. Build it just by using wooden materials and roofing.

Those best garage ideas design can be your literature when you want to build garage with considering of many aspects.

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