Many people may need to know about how to write a satire short story.

Satire is an art to convey criticism of a particular problem, fault or issue with insertion of humor.

The main target of satire is the current popular event.

Most people write or make satire to try to raise awareness and entertain.

Many television shows such as the Daily Show and Saturday Night Live or found in publications such as political cartoons in The New Yorker and The Onion that display modern satire.

Satire has a long history in world literature.

Satire can be created because we know the current situation and know the audience.

That will help you write a good satire.

Indeed satire writing is not easy, but this makes the writer learn more about this one writing genre.

Important Procedures on How to Write a Satire Short Story

The things that must be done before writing satire are:

1.Knowing the current events.

Based on the Oxford dictionary, satire is the use of humor, irony or ridicule to criticize and expose the ignorance of people, especially in the context of contemporary politics and other topical problems.

Very often in TV shows or books even in everyday life, there are innuendos without knowing it.

In writing satire, you must know the latest events or topics.

You have to understand the main problem today.

By reading newspapers, websites, blogs, we can know the latest events quickly.

We can also know the latest news from news programs on television such as CNBC, CNN, or Fox News. You have a lot of knowledge about current events.

The more you know about the current event can make you get topics to write about.

Reading other people’s satires also adds references to writing.

Satire requires a different way of thinking and a unique writing style.

Get to know and understand the satire of famous writers like Swift and Voltaire.

See the intended audience.

Find out what type of audience before writing satire.

Audiences like retirees will be very different ways of thinking than what students thinking.  

2. Determine the topics to be discussed.

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You write a satire to explain current events.

The purpose of writing the satire is to increase awareness of a problem and want to improve it.

If you don’t know the topic and purpose in writing, the reader will be difficult to understand and not interested in reading your writing.

Using words and humor will encourage people to change their thinking and act immediately.

Every writing you make must be supported by facts.

Satire must combine criticism and humor.

By knowing this how to write a satire short story, you will know what makes satire writing unique.

Think about things that are interesting and related to the current audience.

Satire can also use irony.

Satire writers can use irony techniques.

In this irony, you will show inconsistencies between what was written and what actually happened.

An example of irony is that someone who has never worked a day can become a rich person.

3. Be careful about the writing you make

Satire is often seen by some as slander.

So, the authors worry about the possible legal consequences of what we write in short story (cerpen).

Authors in the United States, Europe, and other modern countries are protected by constitutional rights to freedom of speech.

However, this is not a guarantee in other countries, so writers in other countries must be careful and careful.

In writing satire there is a thin line between being funny and offending certain parties.

It is forbidden for writers to inflame religious, racial or social tensions.

Better before being published, you can read your satire to people you trust and hear their opinions.

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Please try to make a satire story. Good luck

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