Saying hello to family, friends, and neighbor is example of relationship behavior. There are several relationship types. Experts and professionals have their own category in this topic. However, all of them use interpersonal-based setting.

In general, interpersonal relationship is connection, association, bond, communication, and interaction on two or more people. You have bond with family, friends at school, co-worker, neighborhood, and intimate relationship. That’s the common example of relationship in human life.

Family Relationship

Family Relationship
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Family is the easiest category to recognize. Parents connect to their children and brother to sister. Those kinds of connection happen because of shared blood. In simple family, there are father, mother, and children. Extended family includes grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousins, niece, and nephew.

In real life, family is not just blood relatives. Some people become family because of several factors. The list below gives insight about non-blood connection in family

  • Marriage
  • Sexual partner
  • Mistress
  • Adoption
  • Family in law

Marriage is the key factor to have new family. Man and woman have a vow to bond in eternal relationship. From marriage, there are children and family in law. Adoption is another family relationship. To strong this bond, parents should conduct legal adoption. Family also happens because of personal declaration.


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In the second list of relationship types, you will find friendship. You decide to have connection and associate with people who do not have blood relative or marriage association. Friendship refers to two or more people who have respect, trust, and care each other.

Friendship still has degree based on how close the relationship. You may have close friends since childhood. Short time friendship happens during school and college. You met with many students then had bond with them. After graduation, you did not see them, but keep in touch.

Degree of friendship can be seen from the way people interact. With close friends, you feel comfortable to tell secret, embarrassing moment, and talking in dirty language. With casual friends, there is a gap about privacy, but you still enjoy discussing intimate topic.


The next type is acquaintanceship. This is the first step to reach the next level. In this kind of relationship, you know the people, but not closely maintain communication. For example, you only say hello to neighbors.

In workplace, it is common to acquaintance with client and customers. You only talk to them because you have important matter, not just small talk. Minimal contact is what make acquaintance is different from friends.

Other Relationship Types

As it mentioned above, there is no definite and strict category about relationship. It depends on many things, such as contact level. Well, everyone has different opinion about this matter.

Other examples of relationship are teacher-student, mentor-apprentice, employee-employer, doctor-patient, etc. Professional relationship is the type of connection or association where two people only communicate at limited topic or environment. That’s the proper example of doctor-patient and employer-employee.

Relationship types can be seen from intimacy and emotional level. As human, it is impossible to live without others. Therefore, relationship is the key in life.

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