Times are getting more sophisticated now. Humans need not bother because of technological assistance. Likewise with driving business, we don’t have to bother driving because of the presence of innovation called the self driving car!

Known by several other names such as robot cars, driverless cars and autonomous cars, this technology has been present in several developed countries in the world. Look at the sophistication!

1.Get to know more about the self driving car

As the name suggests, self driving car is a vehicle that moves automatically without the role of humans in it. This car combines several sensors to understand its environment, such as radar, GPS, sonar to inertial measurement units. In addition, this car has a sophisticated control system in interpreting sensory information to identify the right navigation path.

2.The first self driving car was developed in 1977

Speaking of history, it seems that the idea of making a car that can move automatically has occurred since a century ago! Experiments on automated driving systems (ADS) have occurred since 1920, then various trials were carried out in the 1950s. However, the truly automated car was first developed in 1977 by Japan’s Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering Laboratory.

This car can track road markings with the help of two cameras mounted on vehicles and use analog computers for signal processing. This car reaches speeds of 30 km per hour, a record that was quite fantastic in that era.

3.Is it safe to ride a self driving car?

We might wonder, is it safe to give complete control to this car? Is there no risk of an accident? Well, that was anticipated by experts.

In fact, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Company claims that the widespread use of autonomous vehicles can reduce 90 percent of all car accidents in the United States. In addition, it also prevents up to US $ 190 billion in damage and health costs every year, and saves thousands of lives.

In addition, driving safety experts assess that traffic accidents are generally caused by human negligence such as delayed reactions to braking, contraction and driving over the speed limit. Although claimed to be safe, it turns out that the self driving car can also have an accident. Like the self driving car from Uber that killed Arizona women who were walking on March 19, 2018 ago, according to the page of The Guardian.

4.There are several self driving car rentals that you can try

Self driving car technology is indeed not available in Indonesia. However, in the United States, there are several self driving car rental services that you can try. This service is like a taxi, but the difference is without a driver in it.

Some companies that have this service are Uber, Waymo and Lyft. For Waymo, this service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be ordered through the Waymo One application, explained the Extreme Tech page.

Like an online taxi, we can see the estimated price and route to be taken. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas there is Lyft that we can try. The number of fleets in Las Vegas is 30 cars, explained the Engadget page. We are waiting for his arrival in Indonesia!

5.Bagaimana efek hadirnya self driving car pada lingkungan?

Have you thought, is this car environmentally friendly or just the opposite? In fact, vehicle automation can increase car fuel savings by optimizing the drive system. In fact, the widespread use of automatic cars will result in higher fuel efficiency, said the Scientific American page.

Furthermore, according to a report from the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, self driving cars can reduce 2-4 percent of oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for the next 10 years. In addition, this car can accelerate and brake more efficiently which can save fuel and reduce wasted energy. However, because its use is not massive, the positive effects of self driving car have not really felt.

6.So, what are the obstacles faced by the self driving car?

Not everything runs smoothly as expected. In fact, the self driving car also faces various obstacles. Artificial intelligence technology still cannot function properly in a chaotic and congested city center. In addition, extreme weather such as snow is feared to damage the sensing system and car navigation.

Not only technical constraints, there are also social obstacles. Such as the government that does not have special regulations related to self driving car and less labor, even though the needs are high.

This is because the amount of talent available is not sufficient for high demand. It is also feared, with the surge in the number of automatic cars, affecting the loss of jobs in the transportation industry sector.

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