Adopting a kitchen renovation idea needs to be approved appropriately. Not only does it cost a lot of time, the process of applying kitchen ideas also costs a lot. To avoid wasting and a lot of time wasted, there are several things that you must avoid before applying kitchen remodeling ideas.

Ignore the storage space plan


“The biggest mistake in kitchen design is not enough storage space. We have one client who wants a unique kitchen, and uses limited storage. Will that be a problem. Then, where will everyone provide the kitchen stored?” say Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill from Mitchell Hill Inc., Charleston, SC.

Get rid of items unnecessarily and store items that are really needed. The more items that are actually used, the wider the workspace.

Storage in front of your eyes is a great way to keep items neatly organized. Take out items that are interesting and easily available in the back of the closet. Vertical storage is very important for narrow spaces.

If you don’t have a lot of kitchen shelves, you can add them yourself. This little addition is a great way to store lots of everyday items without spending a lot of space.

Choose color


“The kitchen is one of the most expensive areas in the house. If you buy bright red or yellow furniture, there will be something you will get bored in a few years. If you choose a classic design and timeless, there will be more furniture.” you like trendy colors, you can apply it to home decor or kitchen walls, “said Chad James of Chad James Group, Nashville, TN.

There are several ways to choose such as blocking two colors or one interesting color.

Paint the kitchen may be the easiest and cheapest way to dress the kitchen. Try pairing two colors from the opposite color wheel or side by side.

For example, you equate dark brown with prominent yellow. You can also give a white accent that can be folded both colors and blends with the ceiling.

The second way is to choose one interesting color.

If you have one color that is very preferred, choose that color, then paint the kitchen with that attractive color. However, you should use it in a kitchen that supports this color choice.

If it is allowed in the kitchen, replace it with neutral colors like white, wood, or iron color, you can certainly do that.

Choose ingredients


“Many people have to consider their lifestyle when talking about kitchens. If you like asking for a new recipe, or having a small child, you might have to use a durable table material, such as quartz. If you want to get better and focus on design, maybe you can use Calcutta or Carrara marble. Kitchen workbench varies greatly in price, so the best is long-term thinking, “said Cynthia Spence of Cynthia Spence Design Inc.

Each has a large house, the kitchen has a different function in each house. Because of this “side function”, every kitchen certainly has its own unique style. For example, create an atmosphere that supports by “connecting” the backsplash with the unique style of the kitchen.

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