)Jersey is known as athletic wear. It is often worn by athletes and team members. Jersey comes in the form of finely knitted clothing item. Cotton and wool are the most common materials used to produce it. What if fashion designers create jersey?

Truthfully, designer jersey is not unheard of. Sometimes it is even incorporated into runway fashion. Let’s see what the possible interesting designs that come out are like teespro.id

Fashion House Logo

Image Source: volcom.co.id

In the past, having huge fashion house logo at the front your shirt might seem tacky. Nowadays, it looks very fashionable to say the least. This especially applies for logo of luxury fashion brands.

The logo can be in varied sizes and placed at different spots. A big fashion house logo at front is actually quite popular nowadays. The logo print can also be made small and placed on the chest region.

Zipper Accents

Another trendy thing in high end fashion and street wear is zipper accent. It means putting on zippers (functional or non-functional ones) as embellishments on the clothes. This accent can be applied to jersey as well.

Metal zipper definitely adds more elegance but in jersey it should be lightweight. It can be placed on the front as opening of the jersey. Zipper accent is also often placed on the sleeve area.

Distressed or Ripped Style

As distressed or ripped style is favored in fashion, it is likely to be present if fashion designers create jersey. It certainly gives free spirited vibe. Everyone who wears such clothing item will look more confident.

Distressed style can come in forms of patches and holes. The jersey material should be suitable to make this design. Extra layer is usually added so the body skin will be protected despite holes on the jersey.

Crazy Graphic Pattern

Many fashion designers are going crazy with their clothes’ graphic designs. Vivid colors are often used to make the clothing items pop out more. Designers are also using whimsical pattern to add some spices into their works.

Such graphic design can be incorporated to jersey. Usually, jersey will have team logo and player’s name on it. The background is bland. Adding eye popping graphic pattern will make it more interesting.

Jeans Elements

Designing an outfit with more than one material is not unheard of in fashion industry. Combining several materials together makes a jersey more appealing. There are several materials to be chosen, denim is one of them.

Since jersey has to be able to absorb sweat easily, the denim material should have appropriate thickness and elasticity to do the job. The denim elements can be placed for jersey’s front pocket or bottom side.

Tie Dye

Tie dye never goes down in popularity. Various designers always recycle this designing method in each fashion season. The random pattern looks chic without trying too hard. Because of that it is great to be applied on jersey.

This method of dyeing adds more flair into dress. The result product is colorful and rich. If fashion designers create jersey, there is almost no doubt that this designing approach will be taken.

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