The greenhouse is insulated space for farming, specifically fruits, vegetables, herbal plants, and flower. Besides regular design, there is winter greenhouse with feature to maintain heat and temperature. It is a place where you can get fresh plants every year, mostly up to 4 years.

From outside, the design is similar to regular one. You will see triangle or ark roof to protect from weather. Inside part incorporates soil in various ways. To survive during winter, greenhouse is modified with supporting systems.

Winter Greenhouse

Winter Greenhouse
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The most common idea to withstand cold temperature is insulated greenhouse. It is very practical in any location with long winter season when the temperature is extremely low. Moreover, this building is easy to maintain with less issue.

Several parts are required if you intend to add insulated feature on regular greenhouse. You should ask professional and expert for designing and installing. The capabilities have to be at below list:

  • The insulated cover on entire wall and roof
  • Automatic or manual heating
  • Temperature controller
  • Soil with balance moisture

During winter, water is difficult to evaporate. On contrary, the amount of water is at excessive level that endangers plants. In this case, greenhouse will increase temperature and release water directly to outside area.

Greenhouse with Solar Panel

Solar panel technology gathers the sunlight then transforms it into electricity. The installation requires direct panel toward open space. This is suitable in area without direct electricity grid.

For winter greenhouse, solar panel is not for collecting energy. It absorbs heat automatically and release inside greenhouse. That is effective way to preserve energy from electricity. In usual way, you need to control heat from the device.

This feature is useful in area where power grid cannot reach. For your information, greenhouse needs electrical source to make sure everything works properly. If you can connect to nearby source, solar panel is excellent choice as alternative.

Aquaponic Greenhouse

The term aquaponic refers to combination between farming and raising fish. It is not new method in agriculture field because it has been implemented in many countries. For greenhouse, this method gives two harvests, plants and fish.

To maintain water level, greenhouse tries to release or reduce water supply. Instead wasting them, it is better to put in good use. Add area for fish that receive water from plant. In this system, fish and plants are separated.

Advanced aquaponic puts together hydroponic without keeping fish around plants themselves. This method does not use soil, but relies on rich nutrient in liquid form as soil replacement. It is suitable for greenhouse during winter to get more than regular harvest.

Automatic Heating Greenhouse

Automatic Heating Greenhouse
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Automatic heating is not new technology for greenhouses. Most of them have this system to preserve heat and temperature level. During winter, it comes in handy because owner does not to visit directly for checking and maintenance.

Today, all processes are available remotely using digital device. You have app to check how high temperature inside greenhouse. If moisture is too much, winter greenhouse will adjust it automatically.

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